[table type=”standard_minimal”] [trow] [thcol]Chief of Department[/thcol] [thcol]Chief of Operations[/thcol] [thcol]Chief of Training & Decon[/thcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Chief N. Barrington[/tcol] [tcol]Deputy Chief T. Reed[/tcol] [tcol]Deputy Chief C. DeGrave[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
[table type=”standard_minimal”] [trow] [thcol]Captain[/thcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]W. Summerly*[/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
[table type=”standard_minimal”] [trow] [thcol]Engine Company[/thcol] [thcol]Rescue Company[/thcol] [thcol]Ladder Company[/thcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Lt. M. Terrio*[/tcol] [tcol]Lt. A. Smith*[/tcol] [tcol]Lt. T. Bernache[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Sr. Engr. C. Hall[/tcol] [tcol]Sr. Engr. J Sweeney*[/tcol] [tcol]Sr. Engr. M. Charello*[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Engr. A. Kyhos[/tcol] [tcol]Engr. R. Piazza[/tcol] [tcol]Engr. M. Soucy*[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Asst. Engr. D. Seymour[/tcol] [tcol]Engr. M. Stewart*[/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol][/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
[table type=”standard_minimal”] [trow] [thcol]Members[/thcol] [thcol][/thcol] [thcol][/thcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]E. Brierley[/tcol] [tcol]W. Crupe[/tcol] [tcol]R. St. Onge[/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]K. Brinkman[/tcol] [tcol]R. Johnson[/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]J. Cannon[/tcol] [tcol]P. Lutterbach[/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [tcol][/tcol] [/trow] [/table]
Lt. – Lieutenant
Sr. Engr. – Senior Engineer
Engr. – Engineer
Asst. Engr. – Assistant Engineer