Kingston_RI_Tower_Ladder_2_2014The Kingston Volunteer Fire Company (KVFC) works in conjunction with the Kingston Fire District. Together they make up the personnel of the Kingston Fire Department.

The Kingston Volunteer Fire Company (KVFC) exists to positively serve the community, providing well trained, operationally competent members who deliver fire suppression and Emergency Medical Services. Furthermore, KVFC promotes community CPR, fire safety, and encourages members’ scholarships to further their professional development in a positive supportive environment. KVFC defines success as “good relations”. These good relations are demonstrated by continued interest by older members, positive feedback from the community, and excellent morale of active members.

The company seeks to keep the active membership at a minimum of twenty firefighters. This is facilitated through ongoing recruitment and retention strategies. These strategies are directed at residents of the Fire District, persons affiliated with the University of Rhode Island, and persons who lack the ability to volunteer in their own community.

The officers of the company are:

The Station Captain and three Lieutenants make up the fire line officers. These positions are elected by the company at large at the annual meeting. In addition to the elected officers, company members are also active in ongoing committees.

Kingston_RI_Special_Service_4_2012The committees of the Company are:
-Executive Committee
-Safety and Health Committee
-Membership Committee

The Executive Committee has the authority to make decisions for the company between regular meetings, to investigate bills against the Department and recommend action on payment for those bills, and exercise any other powers as the membership may authorize from time to time. The committee also investigates any and all contracts entered into by any member representing KVFC. The Safety and Health Committee is comprised of four members and the Department Safety Officer. The committee functions to ensure the ongoing safety and well being of firefighters and to advise the Company and District on such issues. The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing probationary applications and monitoring the progress of probationary firefighters through an interview process and using mentors as needed.

Company Officers


Charles Hall

Vice President
Justin Sweeney

William Crupe

Lauren Hannon

Fire Line Officers

Chief – C4 (District Officer)

Nathan Barrington ||

Deputy Chief – C9 (District Officer)
Thomas Reed ||

Deputy Chief – C8 (District Officer)
Christopher DeGrave ||

Safety Officer – 42 (District Officer)
Jay Cannon

Station Captain – 41
Will Summerly

Engine Company Lieutenant – 43
Mike Terrio

Rescue Company Lieutenant – 44
Alex Smith

Ladder Company Lieutenant – 45
Tom Bernache

Committees & Representatives


Charles Hall
Justin Sweeney
Jay Cannon
Ryan Piazza
Capt. Will Summerly

Safety & Health Committee

Justin Sweeney
Ryan Piazza
Donald Seymour
Ryan Carney


Capt. Will Summerly
Lt. Alex Smith
Justin Sweeney
Ryan Piazza

Auditing Committee

Jay Cannon

South Kingstown Firefighter’s Relief Association Representative

Donald Seymour