March 20 @ 0041 hrs L2 C9 C42 responded on the second alarm to a box alarm upgraded to a work structure fire in the Champagne Heights housing complex off Curtis Corner Road in South Kingstown. After initially dispatching the box alarm, Station K (dispatch) received calls reporting the building on fire with people trapped. UFD C3 arrived on scene, reported smoke showing and struck a quick second alarm. UFD E21 (duty engine) was the fire unit on scene. Just prior to L2’s arrival E21’s crew located and removed one unconscious occupant as well as a dog in similar condition. L2 arrived and operated as the first due ladder company. L2’s interior crew completed a primary search of the fire apartment and the adjoining unit, as well as horizontal ventilation. L2 Chauffer positioned the turntable at the C/D corner and stuck the roof, successfully establishing a vent hole. KFD personnel also vented a gable window, conducted overhaul, and assisted in treatment of the removed dog.

C9 E7 responded to a simultaneous box alarm in UFD’s district along with UFD apparatus. E7 was diverted to the fire. The cause of that alarm was a sprinkler malfunction.

A total of 12 KFD members responded to the fire.

Great work by all agencies involved; UFD, KFD, SKEMS, SKPD and South Kingstown Dispatch resulted in a life saved and a fast knockdown of the fire.


Photo Courtesy of Tuckertown Fire Department.