Thursday: At approximately 10:00 Rescue 6 was dispatched to the the intersection of Woodruff Ave and Robinson St for an MVA with entrapment. Rescue 6 and UFD Special Hazards 1 worked to remove the driver’s door to free the patient.

Friday: Around 21:00 Rescue 6 was dispatched Message 1 (highest priority response; immediate threat to life and well-being) to the area of 1510 Broad Rock Road for an MVA with entrapment. Upon arrival there was a single car off the road with a point of impact on the passenger side of the vehicle at the B post. The car was resting upon the tree it had struck on the passenger side. Rescue 6 worked with UFD Special Hazards 1 to remove the roof of the vehicle. The dash was partially rolled and the passenger door was pushed out in order to free the legs of the patient. LifeStar was called in to fly the patient from a landing zone at Station 4 to Rhode Island Hospital.



Saturday: Around 15:30 UFD was dispatched for a structure fire at 25 Columbia Street. Ladder 2 was assigned automatically to the initial alarm due to the nature of the call. The first arriving units encountered a 3 story wood framed building with heavy fire showing from the 2nd and 3rd floors on the Alpha side. A 2nd alarm was immediately struck for manpower. Shortly thereafter, a 3rd alarm was stuck for mutual aid from Narragansett Fire. Crews were able to save the structure but there was heavy fire damage to the 2nd and 3rd floors and water damage to the 1st.